Alex Yixuan Xu

learning experience design
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Design-centric Work

problem-solving, research, documentation
Accessible Groove Pizza
Bartending 101

Ec-centric Work

exploratory, conceptual, playful
Smile Machine
Content, Data, Space
Balance of Life
Follow Your Teacher
The Exorcism of a Forsaken Grudge
Double: Two Souls in One Body
Public Trashcan
Patrick’s Whatever Twitter Bot
IDM Showcase Posters
Draw N’ Chat
The Unknown Game Blog 

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The Unknown Game Blog

Programming, Web Design, 2017

The Unknown Game Blog is a site that I designed and programmed from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Stemmed from my interest in playing video games that are usually considered indie, this site is a beginner’s effort into web design and front-end programming. Just like any speck of data, this site may indefinitely remain unknown in the sea of information online.

View code for The Unknown Game Blog on GitHub.

The Unknown Game Blog is hosted live here.