Alex Yixuan Xu

Learning Experience Designer
#Digital Accessibility
#Web Development
#Playfulness, Games, Gamification

Design Work

Accessible Groove Pizza
Bartending 101

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Public Trashcan

Conceptual, 2019

What is “public space” online?

When we examine closely, it seems that every action of ours online is somewhat related to a private corporation. Does the notion of “public” really exist?

The Public Trashcan is an effort to create a public space online. The account credentials are available to anyone at any point in time (of course, when the hosting flicker server isn’t down).

Meanwhile, it is a collective space for anyone to share images that can be typically considered as “non-professional photography” or “aesthetically-lacking”. It is a space where we appreciate the art of the disregarded.

Contribute something to the Public Trashcan here.