Poetry of Collective Expression

Conceptual, Programming, 2019


Inspired by many online confession pages and socially engaged art practices, the Poetry of Collective Expression provides a space for personal reflection and expression, yet as a collective, every piece of self-disclosure is “hidden in plain sight” as a result. This is a page where expressive writing becomes a form of reflection and healing. Each submission makes an impact on the collective poetry.

View the Poetry of Collective Expression.


On the frontend, there are two pages: the writing/sharing page and the poetry display page. A disclaimer is provided. Visitors can generate random prompts. An option to save locally and/or submit to the collective poetry. 

On the backend,  a base text (donated by a friend) is used, every new submission is added to formulate a whole text. Sentences are generated using Markov chain, where the algorithm analyzes how often each word is used one after another.

An important feature that supports the intention of the project is that on the backend, the programmer (myself) cannot view the submission texts. Visitors’ privacies are protected as much as possible to provide a safe space.

Future Implementation

  • A more sophisticated machine learning algorithm to generate a more emotional, logical story. 
  • Collective drawing, sound-making etc.