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Accessible Groove Pizza
Bartending 101

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Smile Machine
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Balance of Life
Follow Your Teacher
The Exorcism of a Forsaken Grudge
Double: Two Souls in One Body
Public Trashcan
Patrick’s Whatever Twitter Bot
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Draw N’ Chat
The Unknown Game Blog 

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Patrick's Whatever Twitter Bot

Programming, 2018

Patrick Star intrigues me as a character who generally appears dimwitted yet occasionally reveals signs of great wisdom. This intricacy of his behavior makes me wonder if he is truly ignorant or masking himself for a blissful life.

In this project, I am exploring the possibilities of Patrick Star’s use of language. By collecting his existing quotes and using Markov-based generation by RiTa.js, I obtain quotes that are viewed as illogical and at times humorous, in the hope of reflecting on the enigma of this character.