UX Design, UX Research, 2019

E-Save is a Chrome extension I designed in a team of four.


Develop a solution that gives website users the option to change energy consumption/resolution of the website based on their needs.


We interviewed 13 internet users (male/female mix, 18-40 years old).

Some questions we asked include:
  • Do you/have you ever used any software, plugins or settings to reduce the energy consumption of your websites? Such as ad-blocker?
  • Do you normally change the quality of a video? Why or why not?
  • How do you feel about autoplay?
  • Are you aware of the carbon-footprint of internet use? 
  • If a solution is built into the browser, how likely will you use it? Why? What would encourage you to use it?
  • ...


  • A lot of people are unaware of the environmental issue of their internet-using activities. Our solution needs to raise awareness and should be easy to use
  • Two features that our users are already familiar with and would not mind using are ad-blockers and the ability to stop autoplay on websites.
  • People wanted to see a significant/visible impact such as how much energy they are saving by using our product. 
  • People are motivated by personal gains.
  • They are generally not willing to compromise on the quality of videos, unless experiencing internet issues.


Interact with E-Save Prototype on Figma.

User Testing