Alex Yixuan Xu

learning experience design
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︎ digital accessibility
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Design-centric Work

problem-solving, research, documentation
Accessible Groove Pizza
Bartending 101

Ec-centric Work

exploratory, conceptual, playful
Smile Machine
Content, Data, Space
Balance of Life
Follow Your Teacher
The Exorcism of a Forsaken Grudge
Double: Two Souls in One Body
Public Trashcan
Patrick’s Whatever Twitter Bot
IDM Showcase Posters
Draw N’ Chat
The Unknown Game Blog 

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Draw N’ Chat

Conceptual, Programming, 2018

Draw N’ Chat is a web app where the users can sign up with a randomly generated username, design and draw their own avatars and chat real-time with only their drawings.

View code for Draw N’ Chat on GitHub.

This app is, in fact, the chat/communication portion of a larger project that I have in mind – BrokenOut, a social media app that provides anonymity and encourages being creative and being honest about ourselves. Read more about the concept and inspirations for BrokenOut project on Medium.