Alex Yixuan Xu

Learning Experience Designer
#Digital Accessibility
#Web Development
#Playfulness, Games, Gamification

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Accessible Groove Pizza
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Accessible Groove Pizza

Digital Accessibility, Research, 2018-2020

Groove Pizza by NYU MusEd Lab is a playful rhythm app for creative music making and learning. Using p5.js and Tone.js, I am prototyping a version of Groove Pizza that is more accessible to visually impaired users as an undergraduate researcher, working with William Payne, a music technology Ph.D. candidate.

To make Groove Pizza more accessible for visually impaired users, I designed and implemented different color palettes, audio cues and keyboard controls for actions you can perform within the app.

Play with the current Accessible Groove Pizza prototype here.

View code for Accessible Groove Pizza on GitHub.

Through some unofficial testing with both visual users and visually impaired users, a challenge we noticed is that audio cues at times can interfere with the music making process. Therefore, we implemented different modes of audio output including Practice Mode (audio cues using speech), Sonification Mode (audio cues using music notes), and Performance Mode (no audio cues).

This project demo was accepted into the 2019 ASSETS conference, for which I designed a poster displaying the instructions:

Read our short paper here to find out more about the background of the project and research questions.

Next Steps

As of Feb 2020, we are approved by NYU IRB to continue relevant research and preparing to interview blind or visually impaired musicians about their experiences with assistive and music technologies.