Alex Yixuan Xu

learning experience designer passionate about education, accessibility, and playfulness

Design-centric Work

design thinking, research, documentation
The Wick Editor
E-Save Plugin
Bartending 101
IDM Showcase Posters
Accessible Groove Pizza

Ec-centric Work

concept, exploration, expression
Smile Machine
Content, Data, Space
Balance of Life
Follow Your Teacher
Double: Two Souls in One Body

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Hi there! I’m Yixuan (also go by Alex), a learning experience designer passionate about education, accessibility, and playfulness.

🎨 Graduated from New York University Integrated Digital Media program, I have a background in multimedia production and technologies, which includes web design/development, graphic design, UX design, game design and audio/video production, creative coding...

💼 I have been working at different higher education institutions, where I collaborate with instructional designers, subject matter experts and other stakeholders to design and develop e-learning experiences and training materials while keeping in mind audiences, scope and learning design principles.

📚️ I’m currently pursuing my MA degree in Communication, Media & Learning Technologies Design with a focus in educational game design at Teachers College, Columbia University. 

🎮 Personally, I enjoy designing and prototyping creative and playful interactive experiences, such as interactive narratives, mini-games and board games.

Download my resume (pdf) here.